Friday, June 14, 2013

Getting It Together

Yes, I've been absent from the blogging world.  When I went back and read the last two entries so many months ago I knew I needed to take a break.  We lost our sweet Schnauzer, KD, early in September and it has taken me time.....time I needed to get past losing her.  She was the joy, the laughter, the light of my life.  I work now on counting my blessings that I had her in my life.  And, I feel like I'm finally getting it together.  Much has happened over that the past few months.

Both my DH and his mom have been in the hospital, one for back surgery and the other for respiratory complications.  They work each day to get better.  Both are limited on what they can do.  Prayers are welcome and thanks in advance if you are so inclined.

This past March we moved our church membership.  That is something I didn't think we would ever do but the situation presented itself and after much praying we felt it was a necessary move.  We are loving our new church home.

I continue to be a Weight Watcher leader.  I got called a coach one day and loved that name.  Yes, guess I am a coach.  I am currently leading (coaching) three meetings.  I have two traditional meetings and one "At Work".  I can't say enough good stuff about my members.....awesome folks and they are making me proud.

I've mentioned my twin friend, Peggy.  We met online about four years ago, maybe five by now.  We met face to face in Texas last Fall when she attended a wedding.   What a joy. The highlight of this year......she flew to Arkansas and we rode together to Camp Taz, the gathering of Weight Watcher buddies in Mississippi.  The time went by much too fast and I was taking her back to the airport before I knew what happened.  We are planning for me to fly to Ohio this Fall.  I'm so excited.

Another area that is getting busy is my beading.  While we were traveling in the motorhome  my friend Jeanne and I got into beading.  OK, we wanted a keepsake from a trip we took from Colorado to South Dakota and instead of buying a trinket we bought the various things we needed and we made bracelets. We had no clue what findings or crimp beads were.  That didn't stop us, we forged ahead.  We have a couple of very nice bracelets to remember that trip by.  Our beading efforts went in different directions.  I got into flamework, (torch, fire, danger, loved it) and then I found seed beads.  While we were park hosting in Colorado my friend Lori showed me how to work with seed beads.  That is another world.  I love working with seed beads, a zen like, tranquil thing and I get totally lost in it.  To keep from burning out in any one area I tend to do various beading projects.  I currently have jewelry in a local shop in our little town and I have orders coming in from folks.  I was asked just yesterday for as much as I can produce between now and this Fall/Christmas season.  Looks like I'm going to be pushing beads around and loving every minute of it.

I work every day to move forward, to be a decent person, to be Christ like in my behavior.  I count my blessings.  I have some of the best friends in the world, friends who truly love me.  I never, never take that for granted.

Yes, I'm getting it together.


Phyllis said...

How great it was to have your site come up on my blog list. It's been so long.

Hugs on the loss of KD. What a great friend that dog was to you.

Also prayers for hubby and your mother-in-law. Do hope their medical issues are behind them fast.

Please, let's see you here more often. You are missed.

Phanksthomas said...

So glad to hear from you again I check in every once in awhile to see if you are ok. I know how you must miss little KD. She was so sweet. Tell hubby we are thinking and praying for him. Take care now. We send you lots of hugs and our love.
Miss and Mister Alfie. aka, Pat and Jim

Peggy said...

It's so good to hear from you, Karon, whether it's e-mail, snail mail, texting, phone calls or your blog...I love it!

Can't wait to see you again in the fall! We will have so much fun! I'm counting the days and I don't even know what day it will be!

<3 Peggy