Sunday, October 14, 2012

By Chance AKA Divine Intervention

I post on a forum with a group of Weight Watcher friends and one friend post quotes that always hit the nail.  Today it was about the chance meeting of a friend.

The quote today made me take note of how many things in my life have happened by chance.  I don't believe in coincidence, I do believe God leads us where we need to go, sometimes it's a great journey, sometimes very painful.  Either way God is teaching us, preparing us for something greater than we can imagine. I prefer Divine Intervention rather than "chance".

Ten years ago I walked into the animal clinic in my home town, I was there with my Mom's little dog, Bitsy.  In a conversation with the girl working the desk I learned she had a foster home for dogs.  I mentioned that I love Schnauzers.  Among the eight dogs she was fostering she had a Schnauzer named Smoochie.  She had no plans to let Smoochie go.  The conversation went on and she told me she knew how I took care of my Mom's dog.  She allowed us to adopt that sweet dog, our Baby Girl KD.  I've had pets before but I've never had one like her. I think that meeting, that conversation was part of a plan by a power greater than me.  I choose to believe God brought her to me so I would learn about unconditional love.  I learned a lot from KD. 

Dan and I both love the outdoors.  After we got KD we decided to go visit a state park cabin since we didn't yet own a camper.  We boarded KD.  That was the most miserable time without her.  We went home from that cabin trip and bought our first RV, just so we would never leave her behind again.  And, we didn't.   Do you see where this is going?  KD, RV, travel, see country, make some incredible friends....chance.....don't think so.  God is so good!!!!

Most of the RVing folks I know have some kind of an agenda for their RVing, maybe NASCARS, Civil War, famous routes, club rallies, you get the idea.  About the time we got into RVing I also got involved online with Weight Watchers community boards.  I decided it would be fun to meet up with some of the folks I got to know online.  Dan was all for it, he said just tell me where to turn.  He loved driving that rig.  Meet them we did.  Talk about strong, smart, loving, kind, beautiful women. They are my heart sisters. Chance..NO.

We talked in Sunday School this morning about how we sometimes plan our lives and yet we find ourselves somewhere besides where we thought we were going.  Ten years ago we thought it would be fun to go camping for a weekend.  Today we find ourselves where we thought we wouldn't be, but we are here for a reason.  We had planned to live many years on the road because we both love the outdoors and travel.  We got the opportunity to live that life but plans changed.  We have great memories, no regrets.

As time goes on we are understanding more about why we came home.  The saddest part of coming home has been losing KD.  My wonderful friends have pointed out to me that I need to remember the joy she brought me.  Ending the life on the road was a sad event as well but it was necessary.  We got to experience the unconditional love of a sweet, sweet Schnauzer and we got to experience life in a motor home seeing some of this great country. 

I'm grateful for the path I've traveled and I thank God everyday for where he has taken me.

No regrets.....No "what ifs". 


Divine Intervention.....Yes!!!


Phyllis said...

What a lovely post and tribute to KD.

I, too, believe there are no coincidences. We are led to the paths we need to follow.

Peggy Neubauer said...

I thank Divine Intervention for both of us reading the same post on that day 4 years ago. You got me through a very tough year and you've helped me through the three years since that one, too. I think we've got some sibling intervention going, too, come to think of it! :-)

Peggy Neubauer said...

I see Divine Intervention in so many things that happen.

I also feel Twin Intervention at work, too!

Love you!

Peggy Neubauer said...

I know that Divine Intervention is always involved, but I'm feeling a lot of Twin Intervention at play, too!

Love you!