Friday, September 7, 2012


Living life day to day in the stick and brick house has been a change from those days of breaking camp, traveling to a new location and setting up again.  Travel day was one of our favorite things about the lifestyle, the anticpation that goes with going to a new place or visiting a place we knew. We miss the tranquility of seeing the water, the wildlife, the quiet, catching up with friends, getting in some fishing, or just being.

All the years we were on the road our sweet Schnauzer, KD, was our traveling companion.  She got to see much of this country, whether it was from riding in my lap as we rode down the highway or sitting in the booth watching out the window while we were parked.  Words to describe KD would be funny, smart, loyal, stubborn, sneaky, above all the sweetest furkid ever. Her buddies included Mr. BoJangles, Jasmine, and Lucas...all Schnauzers.   KD passed away this past Sunday night.  She has left a huge void in our hearts.  I've been asked if we will get another pet.  KD's paw prints can't be filled.  She was one of a kind.  We need time.  We knew this was coming but had hoped for another year.  That wasn't to be.  We donated her toys and bedding to a shelter, she was after all, a rescue.  She was our "baby girl" and we are simply lost without her.  Her last gift to me was passing away in her sleep.  I did not have to make the decision I was so afraid I would have to make.  Rest in Peace "Baby Girl".

I've always heard there is a silver lining, not sure how that goes, but I know that God takes us through the storms.  Many years ago, I lost my twin sister.  Losing my twin sister and my pet have both been grief for which there aren't words to describe.   

The silver lining Peggy.  Four years ago we met online.  She, too, had lost her twin and she has lost her pet.  Through emails and phone calls we became friends, sharing a tragedy that only a person who has lost a twin can grasp.  We've worked our way to remembering the good times, the joy our twins brought us and those who knew them.  We had hopes of someday meeting face to face, didn't have any idea how or when that would happen.

A couple of months ago Peggy mentioned in an email that she and Michael would be flying to Austin, TX for a wedding.  I started asking questions, who, what, when, where.  Since Texas is a neighbor to Arkansas and I grew up going to Texas, I made plans to drive to Austin.  On Saturday, August 18th, we met face to face.  It was as if we had known each other our entire lives.  Peggy and Michael are two wonderful, precious friends whose friendship I cherish. Peggy and I both get questioning looks when talking about each other and being twinless twins.  We understand the gravity of that.  We are already making plans to get together again.  It may be next Spring but it will happen.  I'm looking forward to the day.

I've had my share of working through grief and heartache.  I know I need time, I also know we must embrace the pain if we are to get through it.  That is what we will be doing in the days, months, years, if that's what it takes. 

I know Sharon is keeping an eye on KD and Jack is watching out for Toby.  Oh, what fun they are having.



Peggy n David said...

Oh Karon - my heart aches for you in the loss of KD. David and I were just talking about how much Cinder has slowed down the past couple months - dreading the day that we must make that decision. So glad KD passed in her sleep. Special prayer being said for both of you.

Peggy N David

Peggy said...

Karon, you're certainly a gifted writer. I was in tears as I read about KD and again when I read about us. Love you!!!

I can just see KD and Toby romping together and Sharon and Jack watching their antics. I'm sure Toby can see and he's no longer slowed down with his diabetes and KD is her old frisky self, too.

I thank God for giving me the gift of you 4 years ago. Can't wait til we can see each other again!